The city of Sudbury is trying to tackle thick ridges of built-up ice on roads and laneways in the city.

The general manager of infrastructure services says normally rising temperatures would have helped break up and melt the rutty ice ridges by now, but Tony Cecutti said it's been too cold for too long.

Graders have been sent out to try to level off some of the ice.

“It's quite crazy frankly, that it's been this long,” he said.

icy road

The City of Sudbury is still trying to keep up with icy, rutty roads. (Kate Rutherford/CBC)

“We've had very few days of mild weather, so normally we're seeing Mother Nature help us get rid of this ice pack. Unfortunately, this year, we're not seeing that. So we're having to use mechanical equipment.”

Cecutti says laneways are often badly iced up and rut-filled, but it's hard for the city to get the right size of equipment into those areas.

While the graders can break up layers of ice on the roads, he said there are limits.

“If we scrape it down to bare asphalt beside a driveway, there could be a six- to 12 inch drop-off at the end of your driveway. All of those things are very challenging for our crews to manage.”

Cecutti said he'd welcome some rain or warm weather to soften up the ice.

Warm weather would be welcome to Walter Boesweld as well.

The manager of Ramakko's in Sudbury — a store that carries equipment and clothing for outdoor activities — said he's seen lots of snowmobilers and ice fisherman enjoying an extended winter. But it those same outdoor enthusiasts come to the store for basic winter gear, the store is sold out.

Boesweld said the inventory has changed seasons, while the weather hasn't.

“I walked out of the warehouse and we had about a dozen pairs of ladies sandals all ready to go on display,” he said. “I'm thinking, like, I wore boots to work this morning.”