Sudbury residents will soon be asked to weigh in on the ongoing debate over store hours in the city.

At its Tuesday night meeting, city council voted to hold a referendum on the issue and let the voters decide, when they go to the polls in 2014.

However, Mayor Marianne Matichuk was the lone dissenting voice in the vote. Scrapping that city bylaw altogether was a key platform plank for her in the last election, but she has repeatedly said it’s a decision that should be made by council.

Sudbury is the only city in Ontario that regulates store hours. The bylaw has been attacked by politicians and business people many times, but has always been saved by city council.

With store hours now up to voters, city councillor Frances Caldarelli said there should be two questions on the referendum ballot — one for store hours and the other for Boxing Day shopping.

"I think it would be good to give people the opportunity to have their input on both of those issues because I think they're separate issues."

There must be a 51 per cent voter turnout rate for the referendum to pass.