Greater Sudbury's new security manager says there needs to be a wider divide between the public and the people who work at city hall.

New security measures for city council and committee meetings take effect next week, with citizens no longer allowed to go down on the floor of council chambers.

The city’s manager of Corporate Security and Court Services said there may be more changes at Tom Davies Square in the coming months.

Brendan Adair

Brendan Adair, manager of security, bylaw and court services for the city of Greater Sudbury: (Erik White/CBC)

However, Brendan Adair said it is possible to balance security and public access.

"If approached right … we can still do business and still complete public access meetings, while ensuring everyone's safety,” he said.

More guards will be posted to city council meetings and other public events, Adair added. And there will also be new restrictions on where citizens are allowed to go in Tom Davies Square.

Journalists will now carry identification badges and sign in when they go to city hall.

Adair said security is not being tightened in response to anything in particular.

"I don't want anything to be reactive to an incident, so I'm trying to implement changes that will avoid any incidents that will avoid any negativity."

The changes so far have been paid for within the existing security budget, he said.

Adair came to the city from Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, where he worked in security at Sudbury Downs.