Do you remember that feeling you had growing up where you wanted to run away from home? Life can feel lonely at times, and the next production by the Sudbury Theatre Centre is focusing on those life challenges.

Celestial Being is getting ready to take the stage at the theatre centre. It's a story about a young child named Celeste, who is on the autism spectrum. Celeste makes friends with Martin, who recently moved away from Sudbury after his father died.

"The focal point of the show is that feeling of outcast and finding belonging," Caleb Marshall, the executive artistic director of the theatre said.

Celeste, in trying to find her sense of belonging, builds a rocket because she believes she's destined to go back to her home planet.

'Passionate' lead character motivates actor

Actor Sidney Cassidy, who plays Celeste, says it's been an interesting experience playing a character who is on the autism spectrum.

"I think that's one thing that's really interesting about people on the autism spectrum is that they're very bright," she said. "So that's good that [Celeste] is passionate about something that's so cool for me to be able to learn as an actor."

Camil Rochon, who plays Martin, says it's been a great experience working on the production with a small team.

"It gave us a lot of one-on-one with the director which is not something you always get the chance to do," he said.

It's an all-ages show and several performances will be done at the STC next week. Marshall says there will be three public shows, including a Saturday afternoon performance that will be a relaxed matinee.

Matinee performances for school groups will be held during the week of January 23 to 27, after the opening weekend of public performances on January 20 and 21.

"It's a little more accessible to people on the autism spectrum, if families want to bring children that would better benefit from that type of environment," he explained.