A Sudbury tennis coach said the sport is becoming more popular in Sudbury, and he’s noticed more people are signing up for lessons.

This week, Eugenie Bouchard advanced to the Wimbledon final. She’s the first Canadian women’s single tennis player to do so. She will complete for her first Grand Slam title on Saturday.

Canada’s Milos Raonic made it to the semi-final at Wimbledon, but lost to Roger Federer.

Sudbury families are getting into the swing of tennis, said Paul Robert, who works at the Sudbury Indoor Tennis Centre.

Sudbury Indoor Tennis Club

People from the ages of five to 82 practise their serves at the Sudbury Tennis Centre (supplied)

“I have seen … an increase of the number of people will to take lessons and wanting to learn to play,” he said.

“Not just … juniors, but families.”

He said he’s seen people from the ages of five to 82 practising their serves at the centre.

Robert said he thinks the trend has something to do with the popularity of Canadian tennis sensations playing at Wimbledon.

“With the success of [Milos] Raonic and [Eugenie] Bouchard, we’re starting to see the … increase of the number of the players coming to play and the building of the sport,” he said.