Homeowners in Greater Sudbury can expect to pay 3 per cent more on their property tax bills next year, and another 7.4 per cent for water and wastewater.

City council unanimously approved the 2018 budget at a meeting Tuesday night.

But despite voting yes, councillor Mark Signoretti said he's not in favour of the entire budget.

"I just want to go on record to say that I know we're approving the whole budget, but I'm just not in favour, and I indicated that on that specific topic, that I'm not in favour of spending 100 million dollars of taxpayers money on an events centre," he said.

"So I just wanted to go on record to say I'm opposed to that."

The events centre is one of the city's big ticket items to be funded in part by the 3 per cent tax increase.

The city is also looking at building a new art gallery and library in the downtown area.

According to the city, for a home assessed at $230,000, the 3 per cent increase will be about $87 more than 2017 taxes.

With files from Casey Stranges