Provincial election officials in Sudbury are reminding people to go to the right poll, with proper proof of residence.

Five students from Everest college were turned away from the poll at the Sudbury public library this morning.

Leena Poxleitner and four of her classmates thought they could vote at any poll on election day.

“We have a lot of lectures in our class to explain why it is so important to vote and now we all … have to walk back to class with our heads hanging low, going yup, we didn't get to vote either,” she said.

The manager overseeing the poll at the library said people don't need a voter card to vote, but one does need proof of address — and one needs be in the right place to vote.

“If they have for instance, a rent receipt that shows their name and their address as being Sudbury then we can find them on the list and they can be added to the voter list here,” she said.

Dovigi said people without a voter card can look online to find out which polling station they should go to.