The city of Sudbury is about to spend a lot more on street sweeping — and councillors say the move is long overdue.

City staff submitted a report at a meeting on Tuesday, asking for an extra $227,000 a year for sweeping.

The money will be used to hire two firms, instead of one, to take on the city's sweeping jobs for 2015.

Coun. Jacques Barbeau said the money is badly needed.

The city has been unhappy with the last contractor it hired, at a much lower rate.

"We weren't paying a lot, and we were expecting the same level of service. It was doomed from the start,” Barbeau said.

“We've gone from one contract to two, and the results will be significantly better."

Coun. Joe Cimino said city staff had to pick up the slack.

"In terms of the previous contractor providing us a deal, I think we have to acknowledge the fact it probably cost us more."

Even Mayor Marianne Matichuk, who has been calling for more budget restraint, agreed.

"You know, it's going to be a little more expensive, but I think it has to happen. It will be better, as far as the companies doing the actual work."

The next step - there will be debate about whether residents get more warning, in form of signs or emails, about when their street will be swept.