When spring  was slow to arrive this year, Robin Charbonneau has his concerns about what kind of strawberry season was ahead.

But with favourable weather over the last few weeks, he says he is now picking one of the best berry crops he has seen in years.

Other strawberry producers in the northeast:

Charbonneau and his family own and operates the Ruby Berry Farm in Chelmsford, a fixture in the community for 25 years.

Over the years the number of varieties of strawberry planted have grown to more than a dozen.

Local strawberries ready in Sudbury

(Megan Thomas/CBC)

"It comes down to personal taste," Charbonneau said. "That's why we grow so many different varieties."

No fall berries

Last year Ruby Berry Farm went further and tried to extend the season with an ever-bearing variety that produced fruit in the fall, but Charbonneau said it was an experiment that won't be repeated this year.

"They didn't really work out for us. With the amount of labour and the return just wasn't there, so we have abandoned that," he said. "It was a great trial...it just didn't work out."

Charbonneau said the length of the local strawberry season varies, but it can last close to month if mother nature co-operates.

Robin Charbonneau of Ruby Berry Farm showed the CBC's Megan Thomas how to pick the perfect berry:


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