Greater Sudbury is about to be a little more smoke free.

City council voted last night to ban lighting up on most municipal property, as well as restaurant patios.

A city council that initially looked hesitant when banning smoking in parks last year, had no problems extending that ban last night.

There was little discussion as Sudbury city council prohibited lighting up on most municipal property... and pushed forward with a possible ban for patios.

City councillor Frances Caldarelli summed up the sentiment.

"The more areas we can make smoke free, the better for everyone."

There was the odd dissenting comment, like this one from councillor Andre Rivest:

"People have to decide to some extent what is best for them — if they want to smoke [or] if they don't want to smoke."

Coun. Joscelyne Landry-Altmann voted no to the ban because she said she thought the bylaw didn’t go far enough.

"I believe it should be 100 per cent no smoking."

She said she doesn't like that the city is planning to make smoking areas in all its parking lots.

Sidewalks, streets and the grounds of the Pioneer Manor nursing home are also outside the ban, because they're covered by provincial law.

Several councillors said they worried how Greater Sudbury would enforce these bylaws with only six officers.

But Coun. Frances Caldarelli said that isn't a reason not to pass bylaws.

"I know that we never have enough bylaw enforcement for these things, but if we decide to wait until we do, we'll never pass it."

The details of the municipal property smoking ban are expected in the fall.

As far as smoking on patios, Sudbury will draft a separate bylaw, unless the Ontario government comes through with a promised province-wide ban.