The Rainbow District School Board says graffiti at one of its schools will be removed by the end of Friday.

On Monday, the board says staff reported the graffiti. It was found on the side of Chelmsford Public School, and contained several symbols including swastikas.

Several parents on social media have expressed concern about how long it's taken to clean up.

The superintendent of business for the board, Dennis Bazinet, says when staff find graffiti, the process to report it to the board is similar in asking for repairs.

"From that point, the maintenance supervisor would dispatch to one of our local contractors," he said.

"The response time with the contractor can vary depending on how busy they are."

Students relocated

Bazinet says in this case, the graffiti was reported on Monday and the contractor was informed on Tuesday.

He adds staff at the school can decide where the kids can play until the graffiti is cleaned up.

"While in this particular case, the principal relocated some of the students from that exterior portion of the school yard to a different portion so that they wouldn't be exposed to it," he said.

"So essentially each principal would make a decision as to how they want to handle the students in terms of what they do in terms of relocation."

Bazinet says the board gets between two and three cases a month from different schools asking for graffiti cleanup.

He says police are usually called when graffiti happens, and confirms Sudbury Police were contacted about the case in Chelmsford.

With files from Martha Dillman