There's been another regreening effort in Sudbury. This time, it's just outside the doors of Alexander Public School.

Parents at the school spent years fundraising to get rid of the aging pavement that covered the play area. It's now been replaced by a thick grass field.

Jenny Martindale

Parent Jenny Martindale stands in front of the old playground at Alexander Public School. (Megan Thomas/CBC)

Parent Jenny Martindale led the regreening project.

"I was here in the late 1970s and it was still a slab of asphalt," she said. "So, 30 years later, seeing this, it's just awesome."

Upgrades for school yards are not funded by the Ministry of Education, leaving many schools with less than desirable play areas.

The city of Sudbury also runs an annual 'ugliest school yard' contest to help schools transform their grounds.

Alexander Public School was a runner up in years past and parents built on that to raise close to $20,000 to put towards laying sod in the playground, Martindale said.

"We launched a letter writing campaign to alumni and families," she said.

"Even neighbours from across the street came over with a little bit of money so it's been quite amazing, the support from around the neighbourhood and community."

Grade 7 student Aidan Luoma said it's money well spent.

"I think that there's going to be lots more sports happening in this school because all of it was pavement and most of the sports that we played had to be played inside in the gym," he said.