Sudbury school bus crashes into bear, students uninjured

Sudbury Police say a bear was hit and killed by a school bus this morning on Long Lake Road.

Sudbury Police say a bear was hit and killed by a school bus this morning on Long Lake Road.

Constable Bert Lapalme said it happened around 7:30 a.m.

There were students on board the bus at the time, but none of them were injured, he noted.

In the 10 years she has been with the organization that runs school buses in Sudbury, Renee Boucher said this is the first time a bear has been hit by a bus.

The school and the children's parents were called after the incident.

"It [happened] at the last minute for our school bus driver," the Sudbury Student Services Consortium executive director said.

"He really didn't have a chance to go around the bear. There was traffic coming on the other side as well. So the driver tried to stop but, unfortunately, the bear was too close and we hit the bear this morning."

She noted that every child on the bus was fine and "they were not crying."

Bear sightings

The incident comes on the heels of reports of a bear roaming around Sudbury’s south end.

Resident Nancy Lightfoot said she saw a bear this week while out walking her dog in the Lo-Ellen area.

She said she's concerned because the bear has been seen near a school bus stop.

"And I can't remember bears around here except maybe, you know, once or twice. Since 1992, it's not a common sight."

Boucher said if a bear is seen near a stop, the children's parents are called to pick up the students elsewhere.


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