School board trustees in Sudbury compared the secrecy of the Canadian Senate to the local school bus consortium at a meeting Wednesday night. The English Catholic board is frustrated by a lack of information about how the consortium makes decisions.

Trustees say they have been fielding a lot of phone calls this winter from parents upset about cancelled buses on snowy days.

Board chair Jody Cameron said, when a parent calls a trustee, most of the time it's about transportation.

"'They're not picking me up', or 'they'd like them to pick me up or I want to be picked up at two locations': those are the types of calls we get quite frequently,” he said.

Jody Cameron

Sudbury Catholic Disctrict School Board chair Jody Cameron says trustees frequently receive phone calls from people who have issues with the region's school bus consortium. (

“I think they would be surprised that we really have very little input."

A staff member from each of the four school boards sits on the Sudbury Student Services Consortium, but some English Catholic trustees feel an elected official should have a seat there as well.

"It's great that we do it as a collective of four boards to realize those economies of scale and save money,” Cameron noted.

“However, it's still our responsibility as a board. As trustees, we get quite frustrated that we have no control over this."

Cameron said the Sudbury English Catholic school board puts some $5 million a year into busing, which goes to the student services consortium.