The City of Greater Sudbury knows of six companies interested in setting up legal medical marijuana grow-ops in the city, but most of them would not pass the new zoning requirements councillors will vote on at tonight's meeting.

City administration reports that only two of the proposed grow-ops — which are in the very early stages of getting a federal license — would be in industrial areas. That's the zoning Sudbury city planners say should be required for a medical marijuana production facility.

The report lists several possible locations for a prescription pot business — everything from some bush land in between Dowling and Onaping, to an industrial building just off Lorne Street in the west end.

City staff also suggests that these legal grow-ops not be permitted near residential areas.

Sudbury's planning committee will consider the proposal tonight and hear from any citizens who wish to speak on the issue.

If the city classifies marijuana as an industrial business, it will stand alone in the northeast, as North Bay and Sault Ste. Marie both consider growing pot to be agriculture.