The forest fire season is just around the corner and the Canadian Red Cross in Sudbury says it’s preparing for what may come.

The agency’s community services co-ordinator in Sudbury said this year the Red Cross has created small stations stocked with supplies in communities across the north.

"That way, if something happens, there is less travel time for supplies," David St. Georges said. "[We are] creating hubs in different areas across the north, but always having little pockets of things like cots, blankets and things like that."

St. Georges said Sudbury has 45 volunteers on its disaster response team to attend the fires, but noted the organization needs at least 20 more people.

'Tears were flowing'

When Ted Giannini strapped on his Canadian Red Cross vest for the first time 14 years ago as a volunteer, he joined the emergency response team to provide aid.

But he learned he had more to give … "sometimes just putting a hand on a person's shoulder and … looking at them in the eye."

Giannini's compassion continues to impact people in the most devastating circumstances.

One person in need simply asked for "a big hug," Giannini recalled. "Tears were flowing [on] both sides of the table."

From out-of-province disasters to local tragedies, the Sudbury branch provides shelter, food and clothing.

For Giannini, he says the job isn't for everyone … but it is the perfect fit for him.