The date for a new racing deal between racetracks and the province has come and gone, but the future of horse racing in Sudbury is still up in the air.

A program that shared cash from slot machines with racetracks in Ontario came to an end on the weekend. Tracks have been negotiating individually with the province for a share of $30 million in transitional funding to keep racing going until the industry can adapt, but Sudbury Downs has not yet struck a deal.

The general manager of the Ontario Harness Horse Association says the province is continuing with negotiations, however.

"Sudbury is on that transition panel," Brian Tropea said. "The transition panel will be meeting this week to see if they can get an arrangement there."

Tropea says negotiators for the province are expected to meet with officials from Sudbury Downs this week.

A number of tracks around the province already have agreements to keep racing going for up to three years, but the province has declined to release the details of any of those agreements.

Racing was considered finished at Sudbury Downs until Premier Kathleen Wynne announced transitional funding would be available to race tracks. 

Tropea said the province could reach a deal with Sudbury shortly.

"I believe they are going up there this week to meet with the operator of the racetrack, so it is very possible that there could be a deal," he said.

"If Mr. MacIsaac wants to be involved in the new era of racing, they could actually have a deal by the end of the week."