Sudbury's Police Chief says he will continue to crack down on prostitutes and johns roaming the Sudbury streets — even though an Ontario Appeals Court decision ruled that brothels should be legalized.

Frank Elsner said street-level prostitution remains an issue in Sudbury. He said he doesn't think bawdy-houses will keep prostitutes safe.


Sudbury Police Chief Frank Elsner (CBC)

"I'm just not sure how hiding out of public view makes it safer for anyone," Elsner said.

"[We need to] take a hard line to the predators and the people making money and living off the backs of these women."

Elsner said he's leaving bawdy-houses in the hands of the government.

The decision to legalize brothels troubles Kevin Serviss, the executive director at the Samaritan Centre in Sudbury.

He said the court's resolution shows a lack of moral judgment.

Serviss said the focus needs to be on the deeper issues that drive a person to this lifestyle.

"A lot of them have their roots with regards to sexual abuse, [as well as] family issues and drug addiction and alcohol abuse at an early age," Serviss said.

The government has a year to make the court ruling law.

If passed, street level prostitution could become a home-based business.