Police chief Frank Elsner says that Sudbury will not be getting conductive energy weapons any time soon.

The weapons, commonly known as tasers, were discussed at last month's Sudbury police board meeting.

Elsner has said he wanted tasers for all frontline police staff, at a cost of roughly $80,000.


Greater Sudbury Police Chief Frank Elsner. (CBC)

Police board member Gerry Lougheed Jr. said he would lead a private fundraising campaign for the weapons, if the province would pitch in money for police training.

But discussions with Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne earlier this month were a setback, Elsner said.

"She clarified that there is no money. And that the province wouldn't pay for training,” he said.

“So we're taking a wait-and-see attitude. I'm absolutely in favour of having conductive energy weapons for our frontline people. It's a better safety tool for the people we have to come in contact with."

No money for conductive energy weapons will be in the police budget headed for city council later this year.