A group of Sudbury bus riders are pushing the city to make it easier to ride on Sundays by asking for shorter wait times between buses. 

City buses run on a special Sunday schedule, with fewer buses on the road on longer routes.

A petition with more than 2,000 signatures has been collected by the group known as "Friends of Greater Sudbury Transit."

"They’re not the same routes that people [are] using during the week and Saturday," Lily Nobel, a member of the group, said. "So they can’t get to shops and to work like they normally would."

Bus service on Sunday has expanded in the past few years, the city’s transit manager said.

Roger Sauve said ridership is far lower on Sundays than every other day of the week, but acknowledged more people are taking the bus on that day.

"People are starting to find it [and] people are starting to change their travel patterns and starting to use it," he said. "Before they get too frustrated and walk away from it, we need to provide them the service they need."

Sauve added transit staff are looking into the possibilities of expanded Sunday bus service and how much it might cost.

Staff will report to Sudbury city council this fall during budget deliberations.