ATVs moved a little closer Monday night to permanently being allowed on many Sudbury city streets.

City councillors on the operations committee liked what they heard about the two year trial period for the new ATV bylaw.


Sudbury city councillor Jacques Barbeau says a bylaw permanently allowing ATVs on some city streets could be tweaked every year. (Supplied)

Sudbury city councillor Jacques Barbeau said the specifics of the bylaw — including which streets ATV drivers can use — would still be reviewed every spring.

"It's important for the public to know that just passing the bylaw doesn't mean it's the end of the it and we walk away and we don't continue to monitor it and try to improve on what we have," he said.

The ATV bylaw will go before all of Sudbury city council for a final vote in the coming weeks.

It permits four-wheelers on about 46 per cent of the roads in the city — almost all of them rural roads and residential streets in the outlying areas.

During the two year trial period, quads could only drive on the roads in the spring, summer and fall. But the idea of allowing quads to ride on certain streets year-round also received a positive response.

City planner Mark Simeoni said there were several requests from ATV drivers wanting to ride in the winter.

"The biggest one I heard was snowplowing [using an ATV]," he said. "A lot of guys like to do everyone a favour and do all the driveways in a neighbourhood. Well technically, if you go on the street, you're in violation of the bylaw."