Ontario’s New Democrats have picked the candidate who will represent them in Sudbury during the next provincial election.

On Sunday afternoon, Sudbury New Democrats picked Joe Cimino to be their candidate.

Cimino was up against the prior candidate, Paul Loewenberg, who ran in the last provincial election two years ago.

Loewenberg placed just a few hundred votes behind Liberal Rick Bartolucci, the incumbent MPP, in that election.

In a brief telephone interview, Richard Eberhardt, the local riding president, said that Cimino had been named as the NDP candidate in a "decisive vote" on the first ballot.

A third candidate, Gordon Harris, had been seeking the nomination, but withdrew his name from consideration before the vote on Sunday afternoon, Eberhardt said.

Cimino is an elementary teacher and a local city councillor in Sudbury.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath attended Sunday's nomination and tweeted her congratulations to Cimino.