A new website where you can voice concerns about gas prices in Sudbury is now online.

Sudbury MP Glenn Thibeault is behind the site, sudburygasprices.ca.

He said he has received an overwhelming number of complaints since his election in 2008.  He said the number one issues raised by his constituents is the outrageous price of gas.

The site features the current price of fuel in Sudbury, along with an online form that sends complaints directly to the Competition Bureau of Canada.

"The reason why we're going to the Competition Bureau with this specific request is because they've told me that they haven't received enough complaints from the people in Sudbury in relation to doing an investigation into the gas price problem that we're seeing here." Thibeault said.

He said there's no reason why other communities in the region, such as Sturgeon Falls, pay less for gas than Sudbury.

Over this period, the price of gas in Sudbury has gone from an average of $1.09 per litre to over $1.40 per litre.