The race to be the next mayor of Greater Sudbury is heating up, with long-time city councillor Ron Dupuis in the running.

After 17 years, Ron Dupuis is a familiar face around the city council table. His campaign started with a familiar theme.

"A lot of people are going to demand change. Our former — our current — mayor ran on a change platform,” he said during a Tuesday press conference.

Political newcomer, 51-year-old Jeffrey Huska is also preaching change in his run for Greater Sudbury's top job.

Jeffrey Huska

Jeffrey Huska, 51, is also taking run at Greater Sudbury's top job. (Supplied)

Specifically, Huska said he wants to see an attitude change at city hall.

"And I feel for that teamwork approach, there needs to be some change. And I think that I can bring that change about."

One thing that hasn't changed is Ed Pokonzie's name on the ballot. But the 65-year-old said this time he might not sport his trademark beret as much as in past campaigns.

"When I'm talking to people and I mention that I've been in a municipal election and I get this blank stare and then I mention I'm the guy wearing the beret and they say 'Oh yeah, you.'"

This will be his fifth straight time running for mayor of Greater Sudbury .

But what is different is how early he and the other candidates have kicked off the campaign, pledging to run the race for the next 10 months — with maybe a break in the summertime.

Sudburians still don't know if Mayor Marianne Matichuk will make a bid to keep her seat.

After sounding confident of a re-election run last year, she has recently been coy about her political future.