Greater Sudbury city council is expected to hear this week about plans to re-brand Sudbury as "Canada's Resourceful City."

City councillor Dave Kilgour, who sits on the development corporation board, said he thinks “resourceful” is a good description for Sudbury.

"We've been in a trouble at different times and we've managed to move forward and show resourcefulness there,” he said.

"I think what you're trying to do is sell a way of life."

Exactly how the brand will be used has yet to be worked out.

Cambrian College graphic design professor Ron Beltrame pointed to the double meaning of the brand.

"Resourceful doesn't necessarily mean digging holes in the ground and cutting trees down,” he said.

Beltrame had a hand in the recently unveiled brand for the City of Timmins — “I'm in.”

"I designed the whole thing and I have a nice folder of hate mail to show for it,” he said.

Some of that hate mail was about the cost of developing a slogan and logo.

The cost of Sudbury's "Resourceful City" brand, which was developed by a consultant, has not yet been released.

"People take exception with it if it's overly simple,” Beltrame said.

“People take exception with it if it's overly complex. If it's too expensive, there [are] always people who think the money should have gone into potholes."