Sudburians are being asked to put out the welcome mat and open their homes to athletes and actors.

The Sudbury Wolves and the Sudbury Theatre Centre are both seeking families to billet players and actors this season.

Liz Mousseau has opened her home up to hockey players for the past six years. While the commitment is small she said, the reward is big.

“The joy that the hockey community has brought to me and I feel like I'm giving back to it as well because I've been in it for so many years,” Mousseau said. “For me it's the right fit.” 

Helen Ghent

Helen Ghent has been billeting actors for the Sudbury Theatre Centre since it opened in 1971. (CBC)

She cooks for the young men as well, and says she feels like an extra parent in a big family.

Mousseau said she'd also billet actors if needed, but she prefers hockey players.

Long-time billeter Helen Ghent has had both young athletes and actors stay in her home.

“Believe me, actors are a lot easier,” Ghent said. “At least they're a little more considerate than this mess of kids who are hungry!"

Ghent has been hosting mostly actors for the Sudbury Theatre Centre since 1971, the year it opened.

"It's a really wonderful experience ... It opens your own eyes and gets you more interested in theatre. So you win on all levels."