While Dr. Angelita Sanchez was in medical school in the Philippines, she started to realize Canada could become her new home.

Both her sister and her brother had moved to Canada for a better life, and Sanchez eventually decided to move to be closer to them.

Before she came to Canada, Sanchez saw her home country of the Philippines go through political change.

"That was the time when [Ferdinand] Marcos was in power," she said.

"I saw political upheaval in Manila where it was the centre of the political regime."

At that time, she heard many stories of people being victim to martial law, including people who were jailed or who disappeared. Also during that time, there were many marches in the capital, and she says she's thankful she chose to attend class instead.

"I think my education and my dedication to my family saved me from being hosed down by water cannons," she said.

"There was a lot of fear because you [didn't] know what was going to happen."

Coming to Canada

Sanchez says it was a hard decision to move to Canada, even though she was doing it to be closer to her family. She and her parents packed and got ready to move.

"We actually literally emptied our house," she said.

"We got a huge container on a ship to bring everything including tables and chairs."

Sanchez says she originally rented an apartment in Toronto. She says she studied in the Philippines in english, but says adjusting to life in Canada was a challenge.

"The weather was one of the shock factors because it was cold," she said.

"I remember we came to Canada in January."

About ten years ago, Sanchez left Toronto to make Sudbury her home. Now, she's a pediatric psychiatrist at Health Sciences North and also the president of the Filipino Canadian Association of Sudbury.

She says she's pleased she ended up making Sudbury her new home.

"There are some people who love the snow [but] I am still trying to love it," she said with a laugh.

"I think Sudburians are naturally kind hearted and good people."

Living Library

Angelita Sanchez is just one of the "books" you can borrow at CBC Sudbury's Living Library on Saturday, Oct. 14. Ten human books—each with a story about how they came to Sudbury from away—are available for 20 minute loans. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the South End branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library. Registration is at 10:30 a.m.