Sudbury Legion renovates to survive

A legion branch in Sudbury is getting a $132,000 makeover.
Lockerby Legion Branch 564 branch member Craig Jackson says a provincial grant will help pay for renovations to its 40-year-old hall. (Erik White/CBC)

A legion branch in Sudbury is getting a $132,000 makeover.

The Lockerby Legion in the city's south end landed a Trillium grant to renovate its 40-year-old hall.

Branch member Craig Jackson says one goal is to make the building more energy efficient, which he says should help the Legion keep its bills down in the years ahead.

Lockerby legion member Craig Jackson points out some mildew on the hall's beer cooler. He says one goal of upcoming renovations is to make the building more energy efficient. (Erik White/CBC)

"All these energy costs are going to continue to rise, and if we don't do something for that here in this building, heaven forbid, we could lose the building, we could be forced to shut down,” he said.

"Over time, everything starts to wear and tear. So, now, we're looking at the roof is leaking, the windows are shot, the doors aren't quite where they should be."

Several Legion branches in the Sudbury area have had to give up their large halls in recent years.

The Lively branch closed altogether, Copper Cliff sold its building and, last year, the Chelmsford Legion moved into a smaller, more manageable building.

The Lockerby Legion Branch 564 was built by the Legionnaires —  some of whom mortgaged their own homes to pay for it.

Jackson said some have suggested the Legion raise prices for beer and hall rentals to pay for the renovations, but said the members want to make sure the hall is accessible to the community.


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