Sudbury innovation centre connecting with national network

A mining innovation centre in Sudbury is looking to join a national digital network.

Aims to help help entrepreneurs across all sectors

An innovation centre in Sudbury is looking to join a national digital media network in a bid to help augment the interconnectedness between mining and information technology.

The Northern Centre for Advanced Technology wants to become part of the online network that connects dozens of innovation centres across the country.

NORCAT CEO Don Duval said not all entrepreneurs can be assisted by NORCAT — which cut its teeth in the mining sector — however being part of a national network like the Canadian Digital Media Network will assist those people.

"Inevitably there's going to be questions that we can't answer here," he said.

"[But] If you can help that entrepreneur and say, ‘hey, there are some assets or some services in Vancouver or in Halifax and through this virtual network we can connect you to find that support service,’ in an expedited manner, you're going to continue to push forward and drive that much faster."

Duval said there is a strong desire from information technology and digital media entrepreneurs to have access to other technology networks — and that desire should be met with NORCAT joining the CDMN. The move will also open access to new capital investors and customers.