In a quest to keep the movement alive, a rally to mark the first anniversary of Idle No More in Sudbury is planned for Saturday.

Event organizer Quinn Meawasige said it’s a reminder to mainstream citizens that First Nations have indigenous rights, and added it’s also meant to urge people to keep talking about living peacefully together.

“We have to come together. It’s the only way to move forward is if we come together,” the Serpent River First Nation member said. “When we’re strong is when our voices are strong.”

The anniversary will also help remind the mainstream that indigenous people are proudly taking part in the dialogue to move forward.

“I think the spirit of that for me, personally, but even for a lot of people is understanding that you have rights,” he said.

“Not equal rights — they’re indigenous rights. You know, they’re nationhood rights. These are inherent rights.”

The rally will start at 2 p.m. at Tom Davies Square in downtown Sudbury.