For the past year, the Simulation Lab at Health Science North in Sudbury has been used to teach people how to respond to medical emergencies — but what happens when zombies take over?

The lab is normally used to teach people skills like CPR and suture, but on Thursday the lab was filled with nurses and volunteers dressed like the undead.

Rob Anderson, who heads up the lab, said the zombies are just a hook to teach people about public safety. On Thursday, dozens of high school students made their way through the gory lab.

"Any time we can teach someone how to put a defibrillator on, we could save somebody's life,” he said.

Anderson said he believes teaching people while scaring them actually works pretty well.

Local pediatric nurse Sarah Ball agreed.

"I find that you retain more in those moments that go really quickly,” she said.

“If you have young people who don't know these things using an AED, it's a great, fun way to introduce it."

Ball said she’s hopeful the students come away with some new information.

But in the case of a real zombie attack, she admitted those skills — like knowing how to do chest compressions — probably won't be that useful.