Another public sector union is accusing the Ontario government of taking away its democratic bargaining rights.

Sudbury hospital workers will be picketing Friday afternoon to protest proposed changes to how their union contract is negotiated.

Hospital employees are not able to strike, so contract disputes are settled by an arbitrator, but the provincial government is looking at changing that system, including giving ministers the power to overrule the arbitrator and impose a contract.

The president of the union representing 1,100 support staff at the Sudbury hospital said part of Friday's information picket will be trying to break the so-called "fat cat" image many have of civil servants.

"And we know that's a problem. With the teachers, everybody looks at the teachers as being well paid," David Shelefontiuk said.

"The average person in my bargaining unit makes $40,000 a year, or less ... if you're part-time you're barely getting enough hours to survive on."

The information picket will be out front of Health Sciences North on Paris Street from 11a.m. to 1 p.m.