Sudbury hospital officials are trying to figure out what a new employee survey with some disappointing findings really says about Health Sciences North, after about a third of the 1,800 workers who filled out the survey said they weren’t sure it's a good place to work.


Joe Pilon, chief operating officer of Sudbury's Health Sciences North.

Chief Operating Officer Joe Pilon said he's also disappointed to see many employees don't feel senior managers are listening to them. To help get at the truth, Health Sciences North will hold focus groups with its workers.

"Really to validate them you have to do the focus groups," Pilon said.

"You have to say to people, ‘I hope you're willing to be candid with us, because we want to improve’."

He said the Sudbury hospital will start having these frank talks with its staff in the next few weeks.

"Our whole philosophy is it's not the people, it's the system," he said.

"So what's wrong with the system that's not giving you quality of life? What's wrong with the system that makes you not want your brother, your cousin or somebody else to work here?"

Pilon said he's happy to see the survey showing that hospital employees are clear on what exactly their job includes, as there was some confusion after staff moved into the city’s new hospital a few years ago.

The survey also suggested workers feel safe, respected and confident in the quality of health care they deliver, even though they don't always feel they are recognized for doing a good job.