Sudbury hospital now 'Health Sciences North'

Sudbury's hospital has changed its name to Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé-Nord (HSN), as part of an organizational rebranding exercise.
Sudbury Regional Hospital is now known as Health Sciences North. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

Sudbury's hospital has changed its name to Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé-Nord (HSN), as part of a  $100,000 organizational rebranding exercise.

The new HSN logo features a stylized DNA helix woven in the shape of an S, to emphasize sciences, santé and Sudbury.

"We are not just introducing a new name, but a whole new  approach to health care," said Dr. Denis Roy in a press release. He's the HSN President and CEO. "Over the past year, we have redefined how health care services are being delivered in our region. Health Sciences North / Horizon Santé-Nord is part of that evolution towards a broader mandate in health care that encompasses innovative approaches to patient care, research, teaching and health promotion. "

The redefining exercise was launched by the institution in 2010. The hospital says a wide range of stakeholders were consulted, including front-line staff, physicians, volunteers, community agencies and health care partners, both locally and across northeastern Ontario.