A Filipino woman living in Sudbury says members of the Filipino community in this city are sticking together during this difficult time.

A typhoon hit the Philippines over the weekend, and is estimated to have killed thousands of people.

Those who have survived are having a difficult time accessing food, water and medicine.

Sudbury's Angelita Sanchez says those with connections to the Philippines are attempting to get a hold of family members overseas.

In the meantime, the community in Sudbury is keeping an eye on one another, “just kind of talking about how we are handling the situation,” she said.

“The good thing about the Filipino people, we are resilient people. So, it's a matter of just trying to get together and making sure that we cope with the tragedy and give emotional support to each other."

The Red Cross is collecting donations to assist those affected in the Philippines The Canadian government will match all donations made to charitable organizations until Dec. 9.

The province of Ontario reports it's contributing $1 million in aid to the country.