Sudbury drive-by shootings likely drug related, police report

Sudbury police say they believe two drive-by shootings in the city this week are related to drug activity.

Sudbury police say they believe two drive-by shootings in the city this week are related to drug activity.

Staff Sargeant Al Asunmaa gave a brief update at Sudbury police headquarters Friday morning.

This week In both New Sudbury and Azilda, vehicles were hit with bullets.

Asunmaa said the shootings were likely targeted, and it's possible they were related to a drug debt.

Greater Sudbury police staff sergeant Al Asunmaa says police still believe the two shootings are related and not random. He said tips are coming to police about the incidents, including a better description of the vehicle involved. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

A silver Dodge Journey is believed to be the make and model of the vehicle involved in the shooting on Barrydowne, and it is believed two people were inside the vehicle when the shots were fired.

Asunmaa said the description of the car involved in the Azilda shooting is similar.

No one was seriously hurt in either case.

A team of investigators has been assigned to the cases. But Crime Stoppers is hoping people will also come forward with tips.

Sudbury police say they are taking two drive-by shootings in the city this week very seriously. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

“Right now there's very little description of the vehicle, but anything that could be that one piece of the puzzle that could help people solve that crime, definitely that's how our mindset works,” said Crime Stoppers spokesperson Bert Laplame.

Lapalme said Crime Stoppers has chosen to offer a cash reward of $2,000 in this case in the hopes that information is brought forward quickly that helps with an arrest.

A business owner in the area of one of the shootings said he was rattled by what he saw when he arrived at his Mr. Prime Rib restaurant Thursday morning.

“I didn't know what it was, and then I found out later it was a shooting and that's a concern,” George Roumanes said.

At about 11 p.m. Wednesday night, Sudbury police say shots were fired at a pickup truck driving down Barrydowne Road. Two men in their 20s were in the truck. Police say they were not hit by the bullets, but they were struck by glass when bullets shattered the back window. The shooting happened between Hawthorne and Gemmell Streets. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

Police spent several hours Thursday examining a pickup truck with bullet holes that shattered the back window.

There were two people inside the truck when the shots were fired, but police say they were not seriously hurt when they were hit by shattered glass.

Sudbury police inspector Rob Thirkill said the two are co-operating with the investigation, as is a man in Azilda, who was sitting in a parked car the night before when it was also hit by gunfire.

Thirkill said police don't believe the shootings were random.

“This is not common to our community and we are very, very concerned.”

It's believed the bullets in both cases came from handguns, Thirkill said.

Sudbury police say that the shots fired Barrydowne Road on Wednesday might be connected to the incident in Azilda on Tuesday. They also say a handgun was likely used in both cases. A full team of criminal investigators have been assigned to the incidents. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)


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