Premier Kathleen Wynne says the government will put up to $400 million over five years into Ontario’s struggling horse-racing industry — but none of that money is promised to Sudbury Downs, as of yet.

Last week, the province announced a plan to spend money on the horse racing industry, following recommendations by a panel appointed by the Liberal government.

The panel was put in place after the province cancelled the slots at racetracks program.

But Sudbury Downs appears to be left of the list.

In its report, the province stated Sudbury is considered a regional track and doesn’t attract enough wagering to cover track operations and meaningful purses.

The MPP for the area said she’s not pleased with the decision.

“I won’t lie to you, it’s pretty hard to take,” France Gelinas said. “You feel like the cheap cousin who’s not invited to the wedding.”

Sudbury Downs will be able to apply for funding in the future, however. The Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel said Sudbury will need to continue to present a business case to be awarded the money.