A Sudbury doctor admitted in court that he repeatedly asked a woman to have sex with him, even though she kept turning him down.

Dr. Alfred Nkut’s trial continues this week.

He is facing one charge of sexual assault.

He appeared composed as he climbed into the witness box in court on Wednesday.

The complainant is someone with whom he came in regular contact, however, she cannot be identified by law as there is a ban on any information that may identify her or any of Dr. Nkut’s patients.

Nkut testified that he often asked the woman to have sex with him over the course of almost a year.

He also testified that he told her she was beautiful and that they could have a sexual relationship.

The complainant would always say no, she had a boyfriend, Nkut testified, he thought she was just being coy and she might change her mind.

‘Don’t do it again’

A witness testified the complainant's boyfriend came in and confronted the doctor a couple of times.

The witness testified that her boyfriend told the doctor, "I told you not to touch her, don't do it again."

She also told the court that on a later occasion, she heard yelling and heard the boyfriend threatening Nkut saying, "I'm going to rip your head off."

Nkut has denied several allegations that he touched the complainant or rubbed against her.

The defense is expected to call more witnessess Thursday.