Sudbury dealerships suspended after customer complaints

For the first time in its history, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council has moved to immediately suspend the licences of two used car dealerships — and they're both in Sudbury.

Operator denies wrong-doing, vows to appeal

The Craig Terry Investments and Drivetime dealerships are suspended from doing business in Sudbury. (CBC)

For the first time in its history, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council has moved to immediately suspend the licences of two used car dealerships — and they're both in Sudbury.

Suspended from operating are Craig Terry Investments, Ltd., located on the Kingsway, and a company called Drivetime, also listed as operating on the Kingsway.

As a result, neither dealership is allowed to legally sell, lease, or buy vehicles.

According to a news release from OMVIC, the move is a result of serious consumer complaints.

OMVIC deputy registrar Mary-Jane South said, in one case, a vehicle had to be repossessed from a customer's driveway after it was sold with an outstanding lien on it. 

In a second case, South said a customer bought a vehicle, took out a bank loan to pay for it, but never received the car.​

According to OMVIC, Micheline Cooper was listed as an operator at both Drivetime and Craig Terry Investments, Ltd.

South said Cooper also tried to register another dealership on the Kingsway called Turn Key Auto — but she was doing business without a licence. 

"In order to be a salesperson or get involved in these kinds of consumer transactions, you also need to be registered as an individual," South said. "Micheline Cooper has never been registered by us."

But Cooper's husband Dean Cooper told CBC on Thursday that his wife denies the allegations, and plans to appeal the decision.

  • The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council administers and enforces the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act on behalf of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.
  • According to OMVIC, there are other registered dealers in Ontario using the business name Drivetime. OMVIC noted they are not affiliated with the Drivetime location in question in Sudbury. The council also stated no individual named Craig Terry is party to any of the proceedings.


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