A sexual assault case based on alleged events more than three decades ago continues in Sudbury. This, despite a defence motion on Monday to drop charges after a complainant failed to properly identify the accused in court. 

A man testified Monday that he was abused as a teenager by Gordon Hall in the early 1970s on two separate occasions. Hall is the former volunteer fire chief of the Estaire-Wanup service. 

But at the time of the alleged assaults, Hall was an employee of the Bancroft Drive Boys Home. The complainant was a 15 year-old resident of the home at that time.

However, on Monday, the complainant failed to properly identify Hall in court, suggesting under cross examination that his assailant was a "carrot-top" or red-head.

Hall's lawyer rebutted that his client has never had red hair, and asked that the charges be dropped.

But the judge denied the motion.

The prosecution said it has further evidence linking the accused to the complainant.

Hall is facing six charges of gross indecency and indecent assault, four of which relate to accusations made by the man who testified Monday.

Two more men are expected to testify in the case this week.