Some city councillors are joining cab drivers in calling for changes to the zone system in Greater Sudbury.

Right now, the city is split into zones, which means taxis licensed to serve the outlying areas can't pick up customers downtown.

City councillor Jacques Barbeau said the system was meant to develop cab services in Lively, Hanmer, Garson and other towns — but it has caused problems instead.

"They cannot come into the city, yet on Saturday nights [and] Friday nights, when the bars are full and everybody's getting out at 2 a.m., there's not enough cab companies to haul these people home," Barbeau said Monday.

Cab drivers have long complained about this system and they are especially concerned if the city goes ahead with plans to contract one transportation company to serve the airport.


Greater Sudbury councillor Terry Kett (Supplied)

City councillor Terry Kett said he believes the taxi system is just one example of how Greater Sudbury isn't really an amalgamated city, 12 years after it was created.

"You know, maybe it's time we stop fooling around here and get a report on how to make this city a real city," he said.

City staff will review Greater Sudbury's taxi licensing bylaws and report back to council later this year.