By the end of the week, there could be a new place for people in Sudbury to get off the streets for the night.

The city is looking at giving extra funding to the Salvation Army to set up an emergency overnight shelter.

There are reports of more people sleeping outside this winter after the Elgin Street Mission started closing its doors some nights.

City staff members said the beds could be ready at the Salvation Army by the end of week.

City councillors like Claude Berthiaume were focused on how quickly these arrangements can be made.

"Because winter is now," he said. "It's cold now."

Coun. Joe Cimino added he wants to make sure there's a back-up plan.

"If we can get this up and running by Thursday at the latest ... otherwise there's got to be a way for us as a council to look at city facilities,” he said. “There's the old police station, the main floor for example."

A church in the Donovan has also expressed interest in providing space for the shelter.

Staff said the Salvation Army has been asked to "relax" its rules on alcohol and drugs for the new shelter, allowing anyone to get in out of the cold.