Sudbury city councillors have turned down plans for a new cell tower — but the decision doesn't mean much. It’s the federal government and Industry Canada that will have the final say on the 30-metre tower to be built off Bancroft Drive.

Area residents like Zeke Kanhai say the tower is too close to homes and will change the life of the Minnow Lake neighbourhood.

"Should this tower be approved, my poor man's castle will no longer feel the same,” he said. “I would feel I have been cheated of a dream."

'We will want more facilities.' - Bell Mobility spokesperson John Woods

Bell Mobility spokesperson John Woods told the planning committee during its Monday night meeting that his company has 22 towers in the Sudbury area.

But he said Bell does plan to meet the consumer demand for stronger cell signals by putting up more towers in the coming years.

"It's not a threat, but we will come back to you,” he said. “We will want more facilities. We will want to bring more communications to you. Our main goal is we want to improve your community and that's why we're here tonight."

In rejecting the tower, Sudbury city councillors said they hope to inspire the federal government to require cell towers to be a certain distance away from residential areas.

"This isn't a NIMBY thing,” said Coun. Terry Kett. “This isn't a not-in-my-backyard type of syndrome. It's … 'not in anybody's backyard.' That's what we're trying to say here tonight."