Sudbury could soon join Timmins and North Bay in restricting people from lighting up in city parks.

The issue will be looked at as part of Greater Sudbury's review of its parks bylaw. Everything from smoking to motorized vehicles to vandalism to boat launches will be considered.

City councillor Terry Kett said he thinks smoking should be banned from parks and playgrounds.


Sudbury councillor Terry Kett (cbc)

He said he was appalled by the smokers at a recent winter carnival in his ward.

"[There were] hundreds and hundreds of cigarette butts … all over the place," Kett said. "It was sickening. And people smoking right next to the kids, it was repugnant. It really and truly was."

But city councillor Jacques Barbeau said he fears the bylaw could suck all the fun out of Sudbury's parks. He said his biggest concern was making the parks so full of rules "that we don't want to encourage people to use them."

Residents will get a chance to voice their opinions at a series of public meetings planned for May.

Staff will then report back to council in June.

The hope is to have the bylaw ready for a final vote in the fall.