A busy construction season is making it difficult to get from point A to point B in Greater Sudbury this summer.

The same is true for city emergency vehicles.

However, while deputy EMS chief Aaron Archibald said more of the city's roads are torn up at the same time this year compared to previous summers, he said it hasn't kept ambulances from getting where they need to go.

"We have not done a specific analysis that has been able to drill down and look at a specific intersection, anecdotally we do know that any time you have significant construction there will be a slight delay,” he said.

"We haven't had any calls that I'm aware of right now where we haven't been able to get through."

Archibald said ambulance staff members are in constant communication with city roads crews in order to know which areas of Sudbury to avoid.

regent street construction, sudbury

Sudbury commuters inch along gravel paths past heavy machinery and school bus-sized holes on Regent Street. This is one of the construction hot spots that Sudbury ambulances are avoiding this summer. (Erik White/CBC)

Shelley Bradley, a 26-year EMS veteran who is now a platoon trainer, said manoeuvring through construction zones is just part of the job.

"Paramedics are quite good at overcoming unforeseen challenges,” she said.

Archibald noted the good news for paramedics is that, after a summer of avoiding a hot spot like Lasalle and Notre Dame, the widened intersection is now one of the easiest places in the city to get an ambulance around traffic.