With a snap election underway in Ontario, candidates in Sudbury and across the region are rushing to switch into campaign mode.

NDP candidate Joe Cimino is arranging a leave from his teaching job so he can campaign full time.

In the meantime, he’s squeezing in some door knocking on his lunch hour.

Joe Cimino

NDP Sudbury candidate Joe Cimino is arranging a leave from his teaching job and city council position now that an election has been called. (Megan Thomas/CBC)

“We’ve been working hard,” he said.

“This is just a continuation, but an election being called really gears it up.”

Cimino is also a Greater Sudbury city councillor, and he’ll be taking a leave from that position as well during the campaign.

Meanwhile, signs are up and phones are being installed at the campaign office of Paula Peroni.

Paula Peroni

Paula Peroni is the Progressive Conservative candidate for the Sudbury riding. (Megan Thomas/CBC)

She has been the Progressive Conservative candidate for the Sudbury riding since 2012.

“We didn’t quite believe it would happen overnight,” she said.

“We were thinking a bit later in June, but it’s all good. We are ready.”

The Green Party has chosen Casey Lalonde to represent its party.

Liberals to choose candidate

Long-time Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci is retiring after holding the seat for the Liberals since 1995, but the party has yet to choose who will represent it in June for the Sudbury riding.

Now, in response to the election call, the Sudbury Liberals have moved up their nomination.

Andrew Olivier is one of the candidates hoping to win that nomination and he said he’s not worried about the Liberal campaign getting off to a slow start.

“We’ve been in campaign mode for basically the past … two months,” he said.

“The timelines are a bit sooner than we thought, but we are managing just fine.”

Elise Idnani is the other declared candidate in the Sudbury Liberal nomination race.

“I’ve knocked on probably close to 2,000 doors at this point,” she said.

“I’ve been out there and it’s almost essentially campaigning.”

The nomination meeting for the Sudbury Liberal candidate will take place Thursday, May 8.