Cancer patients in Sudbury are waiting half as long for surgery, thanks to a new streamlined booking process at the hospital.

Dr. David Boyle from Health Sciences North said a year ago, only about half of cancer patients were getting tumours removed on time.

"I think we recognized that we were not performing well,” he said. “We were probably the worst performers in the province on this and we set our mind to move to the top."

What made the difference was creating a standardized process for all staff to follow, Boyle said.

In the past, just getting a date booked for cancer surgery sometimes took weeks, where now it's guaranteed within three days.

"If they're done within the wait time, they actually have a better chance of cure. So we focused on that."

Boyle said the same process can be applied to other types of surgery at the Sudbury hospital.

However, with other types of surgery, the long wait lists won't be solved without more money to pay for operating room time.

Boyle was speaking at Tuesday's Health Science North Board meeting.