Sudbury city council approved an 11 per cent rate hike in taxi fares — the first increase in 6 years. (

A Greater Sudbury report shows the city already has the highest cab fares among the four major cities in northeastern Ontario – and that price is about to go up even more come September.

It’s the result of an 11 per cent rate hike city councillors approved at a meeting on Monday.

That hike means a taxi ride from downtown Sudbury to the Four Corners will cost approximately $16 – an increase of $1.50.

City councillor Jacques Barbeau said the hike is not good news for customers, but that it’s great news for cab companies.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s an 11 per cent increase, but that’s the nature of it when you’re running a business,” he said.

The price increase is the first in six years for taxi companies. From now on, the taxi rates will be adjusted every year.