Sudbury cab fares go up 11 per cent starting today

Sudbury taxi cabs will increase their fares by 11 per cent starting today and continue to be adjusted every year from now on.

The fare hike approved by city council is the first in six years

Sudbury taxi cabs will increase their fares by 11 per cent starting today, the first fare hike approved by the city in six years. 

Now, it will cost $3.75 to get into a taxi, which is up $0.25. And, it will cost $2.50 per kilometre, which is also up one quarter.

The bump in price, approved by council last month, is being lauded by cab company owner Sharon Flynn.

Flynn, the owner of Lockerby Taxi, said while the price of gas and insurance kept going up, the metre price remained the same.

“The drivers are the ones who feel the greatest effect because they're the ones who are on a fixed income that we have there,” Flynn said. “It's hard to increase their earnings when we don't get the fare increase.”

She said the increase means she can afford to pay her 75 drivers more without charging customers too much.

"Our customers I think are realizing that everything has gone up these days," Flynn said. "Sudbury Transit, they have regular increases in their fares that are there ... It's not really hitting a lot of the consumers that much."

Flynn added there are 131 taxi licenses issued in the city. 

From now on, the city will review and possibly adjust the taxi rate every year.