Conservation Sudbury is bringing in some extra help to maintain its trails this summer.

A crew with the International Mountain Bicycling Association is in town to run a trail building workshop. The aim is to help Sudburians build a more sustainable trail system.

Before every trail building workshop, the Association's Trail Care Crew surveys a city's trails to see what work needs to be done.


Rachael Raven is with the International Mountain Bicycling Association's Trail Care Crew. She will be assisting with a trail maintenance workshop this weekend in Sudbury. (Hilary Duff/CBC)

"Once we know what types of trails the community of users are looking for, we then take a look at the trails that are there to find out if we have to be building … to facilitate a wider variety of trail users," said crew member AJ Strawson.

Good trail design doesn't just mean less maintenance — it also means controlling elements like allowable speed and the overall safety of the trails.

Saturday's trail building workshop at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area in Sudbury will be for hikers, bikers, and all others who enjoy the outdoors.

Conservation Sudbury’s Natalie Webster saw the need for the Trail Care Crew’s services.

"The Sudbury trails have a couple of things against them," she said.

"With the history of mining and smelting and deforestation, there's higher risk sort of erosion issues and there's a lot of rocky outcrops and things like that. [The trails] just need a little extra TLC in some spots."

Webster said trails that are more self-sustaining is a bonus for her and the group of volunteers who look after the trails’ maintenance.

"I'm looking forward to having more sustainable trails, which will mean a little less trail maintenance for us," she said.

"The least amount of work we have to do, the better."